Adoption Considerations

​To ensure the best possible match between adopter and pet, we ask that you read and understand the information below regarding our adoption policies and procedures. You will be asked to sign a legal contract when adopting your pet and you must pay an adoption fee/donation. The fees go directly to All Breed to help pay for medical expenses, spaying/neutering, obedience training and boarding. 

Once placed, we reserve the right to check on the dog at any time to ensure its wellbeing. If any condition of the adoption contract has been violated, or, if it is the opinion of All Breed that the environment is unsafe, we reserve the right to remove the dog from the home. If at any time you cannot keep the dog, you must return it to All Breed and not to another individual or shelter. 

Selecting a Pet for Adoption It is important that you consider the following: 

Size - if you rent, does your apartment or home have stated size limits? (Landlord approval is required). Have you considered what size of dog best suits your available space and lifestyle? 

Age - Dogs of different ages have very different requirements, make sure you know what these are. (ie puppies and older dogs require extra care and attention). 

Temperament - Does the dog have a temperament that would be suitable for your family? 

Compatibility - Is the dog recommended for children and other pets? 

Energy Level - Does your schedule allow for providing the amount of exercise recommended? Special Needs - Will this dog require special care?