Foster Agreement  

All Breed Rescue & Referral (ABR) Foster Agreement:

Dogs in foster care must be kept on lead or in a safely fenced area at all times when outdoors. 

​Veterinary care must be authorized by ABR except in life-threatening situations when ABR cannot be reached.  Otherwise, the foster home may be responsible for all veterinary costs incurred. 

​Foster animals must be in the care of the ABR-designated foster home at all times unless ABR authorizes otherwise.  Animals may not be left in the care of persons not designated by ABR as a foster home without permission of ABR. 

In making adoption decisions, ABR welcomes the input and recommendations of the foster family; however, final decisions regarding adoption rests with the ABR adoption committee. 

Any aggressive behavior by the foster animal must be reported to ABR immediately. 

​The foster animal must be returned to ABR upon demand. 

​ABR promises to remove the animal from the home at any time at the request of the foster parent. 

​Interactions between the foster animal and children under the age of 12 must be supervised by the foster parent. 

ABR is not responsible for any damage that a foster animal may do to your home nor are they responsible for any injuries that your resident pets may sustain from a foster animal. 

​Foster home is responsible for all legal costs incurred by ABR to enforce this contract and agrees to all the above items of this contract.

​I agree to ensure that this pet is never subjected to cruel or inhumane treatment; what constitutes inhumane treatment is to be determined by All Breed Rescue. I understand that no dog is to be kept chained or tied unsupervised. I also understand that this pet may not be kept outside unless someone is at home. I understand that I will be required to return this pet to All Breed Rescue should it be determined that I am in violation of all or part of this contract. 

​I understand and agree to adhere to the terms listed above. 

Foster Parent Signature:

Foster Parent Name:
​City, County, State, Zip:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:

ABR Representative:

​Please print, fill out and sign the contract.  E-mail is not acceptable for contracts. Mailing address: Robin Kaplan P.O. Box 5056 Laytonsville, MD 20882